Them Apples!

Let’s start with a few pictures.  Most of these were taken on the four-ish acres of apple and pear trees that make up the front of the property. There are several older trees (upwards of 100 years, we think) – gnarly, half-dead, hollowed-out relics that are still, somehow, producing bushels of apples with nifty names like Bellflower and Pippen. There are also a dozen or so newer trees (Red Delicious, it turns out. Blah) which look far more healthy. A couple of pear trees, which our neighbor (whose parents owned the land from around the early 1900’s) ominously referred to as great “canning” pears, keep the apple monopoly at bay. About thirty-five trees in all. None of these have been pruned or sprayed for at least two years, and the fruit is blotched, discolored, misshapen and tasteless. Kind of like me, back in High School…

The land was pretty much unattended to for a few years; consequently we’ve been doing a lot of brush-clearing and chainsawing. Fortunately we’ve got a new toy – a Kubota B series tractor with bucket, mower and tiller attachments. We’re both crazy about the thing, but I’m afraid that Lizzy’s affection for the orange miracle-machine may be pushing the limits of what most would consider normal. I swear the other day I overheard her whispering to it something about “always being together” and “never letting them come between us.”

Sarah’s been getting in on the act, as well. Is is appropriate to let a five and a half year-old clear brush with a hand-saw? Probably not. Does it make her happy? You bet. Will I be spending an inordinate amount of money on first aid? Probably…

One of the best things we did when we got out here was buy a pickup truck (we sold one of our Honda Civics when we were still in Long Beach). I know, I know – pretty cliché. Still, you gotta admit it looks cool. Sarah’s going to love wrecking it in ten years!And that’s about it for now! More updates later!



6 thoughts on “Them Apples!

  1. I don’t mind Sarah with the handsaw, Jason, but will you promise me that you’ll leave the animals alone? I saw the film Zoo all too recently and I’m scared.

    I love your land! I want a ride in that truck.

    1. Funny, I actually know the cinematographer on that one – but no, it’s otherwise unrelated *cough* to what we’ll be doing. Next time you want to come to SF you can stay with us – we’re less than two hours away!

  2. Congratulations…looks like you are doing a great job and have lots of fun too. Enjoy help from the little one cause when she is 14-15 she probably won’t want to help much….

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