Chicken coop and Sarah driving

In the last two days we’ve had a blast staining the new chicken coop

and Sarah made sure to put her signature hand prints on the East side.

The wonderful thing about this project is that it doesn’t matter how sloppily we slapped on the stain – it’s just a coop!  We let Sarah do her own thing with almost no intervention, and didn’t worry about our own technique either.  We just did our best to keep from painting any windows or doors shut.  It was happy, busy chaos – perfect for a future fond memory.

Then Jason said: “Next up: Sarah’s room!”  Ooooh no, thought I, not like this!  We’d have pink and purple splatted across the floor, on the ceiling, hand prints, drips, globs…  No no no.

But one thing we did agree on, after putting in a good afternoon of chicken coop staining, was that Sarah should drive us home.  Yes, she is only 5 1/2 but the girl’s gotta learn sometime:

Note that we kept saying she should keep her eyes on the “road”.  Actually, that was just our driveway.  Most of our driveway, not the whole thing.  Because of this enormously long driveway, Sarah gets to sit on our laps fairly regularly and practice steering (with help, of course).  Once, when I had the car down on the flat part, in a field near the driveway, I really let her steer by herself – what a riot!  We laughed ourselves silly!  We eventually made it to the driveway, and then I started helping so we wouldn’t go careening into the apple orchard below.

Here’s a photo of the start of the driveway, by the street, showing how far away the house is:

It starts out flat, as you can see, but then it really goes uphill pretty steeply – Sarah should be an expert by the time she’s old enough for a license.  Speaking of which, did you know there’s no license required to drive a tractor? Dun dun DUN!!!

– Lizzy


One thought on “Chicken coop and Sarah driving

  1. OMG… its loverly! And I did know you don’t need a liscence to drive a tractor, I had potato farmers in my family… I might keep that fact away from teenage children… (mom can I borrow the tractor…lol!)

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