A Quick Summary

A lot has gone on since our last post, but before we can start writing about current events there are still a few things we missed from 2011 that need posting.  Writing about them all individually is starting to take up too much time, so I’m going to toss together some of our past accomplishments in one post, with minimal description.

Here we go. At the end of 2011 we…

…made lots of hard cider…

…learned how to process (read: kill and clean) chickens…

…had the trench filled (and we seeded for erosion control)…

…got our first delivery of hardwood for the wood stove….

…made neat Redwood Christmas tree ornaments…

…got our Christmas tree (which was a little taller than we expected)…

…put up a killer clothes line (yes, those are my boxers Lizzy is peaking out from)…

…had Solar panels installed…

…which are now finished (though not connected yet)…

…and we bought a ton of fencing material to eventually run the length of the property.

To be honest, there’s even more stuff we should have posted, but it’s time to forget the past and start living in the present. Next up: Bees!



2 thoughts on “A Quick Summary

  1. This is fabulous….. an encapsulation of all the fun & work you’ve accomplished over the past year. (It makes me tired just looking at the pictures.) Not really. Can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re experiencing so much on your little farm.

  2. Looks all like terrific fun and a terrific life — you remind me of my years of perusing Mother Earth News, and doing the same things (or dreaming of doing the same things). Enjoy.

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